Saturday, 23 July 2011

The experiment begins!

So, I have a few friends who have a Thermomix (all who have affectionately nicknamed there prized appliance) but I have been too much of a scrooge to fork out $2000 to be the proud owner of one myself.

I heard rumours a few months back of a machine which is essentially the same as a Thermomix but at one third the price, a bit of googling later and I discover the Thermochef. Not too helpful though as everything seemed to be in Spanish (or equally indescernable language to me) - but there was one Australian company promising to bring it to a store new me soon!

So, I have now been to said store, purchased the thermochef (at closer to half price than a third but still decently below the $1000 mark) and I am embarking on my experiment to see if me being a tighta**e can really pay off or if I should have just bought a thermomix.

Inital thoughts are that there is a definite sense of you get what you pay for. I have 'babysat' a friends thermomix before so amsomewhat familiar with the machine but by no means an expert BUT in saying that, I am impressed with the thermochef so far. The materials seem to be quality and the functionality differences I notice at the moment are the lack of reverse and I haven't quite worked out the interval speed equivalent yet either. Also the built in electronic scales of the thermomix is a bonus as the thermochef scales are off to the side but definitely not a deal breaker.

Also, as this is a relatively new addition to the market ( I think I heard they've been around for 18months??), the recipe book is a little sparce so I will try and use my preloved recipes plus adapt a few from thermomix to create a lovely repitoire of culinary delights!!

Please feel free to share with me if you have any tips tricks or recipes to add


  1. YAY - A ThermoChef blog! I am so pleased i found you... so far i have only seen Thermomix blogs and as i am looking at purchasing a TC i am excited to know there is someone to share recipes and tips with!
    Also i was hoping for a first hand experience opinion on the TC - if you could go back knowing what you do now would you buy a TC again?
    Like you i know plenty of TM owners so i am used to a TM... but i recently discovered the TC and tomorrow could be the day we bring one home (we have spent 3 long days looking and thinking... the final decision to be made tomorrow).
    I will continue to follow even if i do chicken out as i am interested to see how the "experiment" turns out - and to send my friends who are also interested in the TC.


  2. Me too.....just bought the Thermochef and used it tonight. Just did mash and steamed carrots, and they gravy. BUT as it didn't have a recipe in the book i used the directions on the packet and then kind of the white sauce recipe. Anyway it seemed ok, but when i went to wash it the gravy and glugged a bit around the blades and was a bit annoying to clean out.
    Happy cooking,